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Jelloslave Albums


Purple Orange (2010)

The lively and inspired Purple Orange is Jelloslave’s second studio album crossing a wide array of genres and motifs. Featured on the album is a striking rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, gently introduced by the group’s dual cellos, later accompanied by tablas and drums.


Touch It (2006)

Jelloslave’s first album, Touch It, adventurously weaves cellos and drums through varying genres and styles of playing. The entrancing piece, “J.S. George” seamlessly combines and improvises upon the work of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Harrison.

Artist Statement

Jelloslave, a new music quartet comprised of 2 cellos, tablas and drums, is committed to creating original music, weaving cellos and drums in a multi-genre, cross-cultural and rhythmic fabric. The collective diversity of our individual influences fuels the Jelloslave sound, which draws from the European classical tradition reflected in the cellos, the Hindustani classical rhythms of the tablas, and a continuum of international drumming styles. Underlying our unique voice and vision as an ensemble, is a musical philosophy rooted in the commitment to the evolving role and sonic possibilities of our relatively ancient and culturally specific instruments. What sets Jelloslave apart from other ensembles fusing multi-cultural elements, is our unique instrumentation, our unexpected arrangements, and the organic fluency with which we merge our foundational training with modern extended techniques. Our collaboration provides a rare opportunity to combine our classical foundation with sonic experimentation and outstanding grooves, resulting in an extraordinary and compelling soundscape. Jelloslave’s signature instrumentation and influences is the palette that provides the context and color with which we create our original compositions and interpret the works of others. In addition to the compositions of cellists Jacqueline Ultan and Michelle Kinney, Jelloslave’s eclectic repertoire includes works by JS Bach, Manuel de Falla, tangos by Astor Piazzolla, songs by George Harrison, Leonard Cohen and Led Zeppelin. After 10 years, Jelloslave has developed a confident, distinct and dynamic voice. We have self-produced two full-length recordings, Touch It (2003) and Purple Orange (2010), to critical acclaim, and have performed at all of the major local venues and festivals.

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