Ted’s Dream – For Two Cellos

Ted’s Dream was originally composed by Peter Linman and Michelle Kinney, and was added to and arranged by Jelloslave cellists Jacqueline Ultan and Michelle Kinney for performance at a Ted Talks conference in 2012 with the Twin Cities dance company Black Label Movement*. While the full Jelloslave quartet performs this piece live, the recording available for download is the Ted Talks version for two cellos. This same arrangement was also featured in Kevin Kling’s “Hammer, Anvil, and Stirrup” production.


*Jelloslave cellists Michelle Kinney & Jacqueline Ultan created this version of “Ted’s Dream” for the 2012 TED Conference in LA, CA, with Carl Flink’s, BLM, and scientist, John Bohannon’s piece “The Facts of Life.”

Watch Jelloslave Cellists Michelle and Jacqueline with Black Label Movement at the TED Talks conference in LA, 2012.


Film Score by Jelloslave

Are you a film maker in search of the perfect film score? Have you ever considered reaching out to Jelloslave? We would absolutely love to hear about your project and film scoring needs. If you’ve never thought about what a film score by Jelloslave might sound like, take a look at this:

Thanks to film makers Antonio Rodriguez and Talissa Mehringer for allowing us to have some fun adding music to their film “Pica,” originally produced for the 2010 48 hour Film Project.

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