Jelloslave Shoots for the Moon and Hits Mercury!

Carolyn Crater

The Carolan Crater near planet Mercury’s north pole. Photo by the Messenger satellite, Credit: NASA

If you like gazing up at the night sky, then you have something in common with the members of Jelloslave. Like you, we can’t help but notice when the moon, stars, and planets are shining especially bright.

Today our love for Irish music and planets collide as NASA announces a pretty cool name for one of Mercury’s craters. Carolan Crater has been named in honor of the Irish harpist and composer Turlough O’Carolan (1670 – 1738). Read More


Michelle Kinney Selected as 2014 McKnight Composition Fellowship Recipient

Jelloslave congratulates Michelle Kinney who has recently been selected to be a winner of the 2014 McKnight Composition Fellowship. She is among one of four Minnesota composers out of 63 applicants to receive this prestigious recognition of excellence in the field of musical composition.

Learn more about the McKnight Composition Fellowship at the American Composers Forum site


Jacqueline Ultan Named 2014-2015 McKnight Performing Artists Fellow

Jelloslave would like to congratulate Jacqueline on her award from the McKnight Performing Artists Fellowship administered by MacPhail Center for Music.

Learn more about the McKnight Performing Artists Fellowship on the MacPhail Center for Music website.